Best Bingo Offers

Best Bingo Offers – An Overview

There are numerous online Bingo sites present. With the passage of time, popularity of the same is increasing with leaps and bounds. In UK itself, the total number of online Bingo sites has shot up from 250 in the year 2004 to 400 at present. Thus, there has been a cut-throat competition among the various online Bingo sites and everyone is trying to allure more and more players under its fold. This is the reason why each and every site is competing with each other in giving the best Bingo offers to its registered players.

There are various types of promotions offered by the online Bingo sites, and some of the best Bingo offers are mentioned below:

1. Welcome Bonus: This bonus type is regarded as one of the best known and most popular promotional offers given by almost all Bingo websites. This offer is given to new players of the site. It can either require new players to deposit a certain amount of money to get the offer or is entirely a free money offer. Welcome bonus is one of the factors that players look for joining a site. In general, online Bingo sites offer Welcome Bonus to its players anything from 100% to 300%. In some cases, 400% and 500% bonuses have also been witnessed. Thus, Welcome Bonus, either free money or with deposit, are considered among the best Bingo offers.

2. Regular Bonuses: In order to make a player come back to a site again and again, good Bingo websites offer regular bonuses in the form of Daily, Weekly and Monthly bonus offers. Small but regular bonuses make a player come back to a site again and again. You can get daily bonuses in the form of special bonuses, guaranteed money offer, free games and many more. Weekly promotional offers generally include chat-promotions, cash back offers and so on. Monthly Bingo promotional offers usually include extra monthly bonus of certain amount, Loyalty Deposit Bonus, prizes and many more. These regular bonuses are rated as one of the best Bingo offers given by Bingo websites.

3. Seasonal Promotional Offers: These offers are given by the sites in accordance with the festivals and seasons. For example, in the month of February, Valentine’s Day special offers are given throughout the month or on 14th of February. Another festive offer is given during Christmas and New Year time. This festive offer continues for the entire month of December and helps a player to get more out of his/her playing. That’s why these promotional offers are regarded as best Bingo offers by revellers who want to get something more out of their gaming during festivities and special seasons.

4. Jackpots: There are generally three types of jackpots available at various online Bingo websites and they are Progressive Jackpots, Coverall Jackpots and Guaranteed Jackpots.

a) Progressive jackpots are available at both 75 Ball Bingo as well as 90 Ball Bingo websites. Every site mentions a required number for calling a Bingo. If a player calls Bingo within the mentioned number of call or less than that then he/she will be entitled to receive the progressive jackpot.

b) Another type of jackpot is Coverall jackpot. In this kind of jackpot sliding scale of prizes are attached. Let us suppose that a coverall jackpot starts from prize money of £1 million. Now, the prize pool decreases as the total number of Bingo calls made increases.

c) The third kind of popular jackpot type is called guaranteed jackpots. In this type of jackpot, the announced jackpot amount doesn’t get affected even when the number of calls made for winning the game increase. Thus, the prize pool announced by an online Bingo website remains unaffected and that’s why it is known as guaranteed jackpot.

The above mentioned promotions are some of the best Bingo offers given by the online Bingo websites. If you want to get the best offers from different sites then please have a look at the different categories of promotions given at Bingo Outlook and get to know the best sites available for the best Bingo offers.