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Bingo Games - How to Play?

In terms of popularity, there are two types of Bingo games available:

 i. 90 Ball Bingo
 ii. 75 Ball Bingo

Generally, UK people play 90 Ball Bingo and US people play 75 Ball Bingo. In fact, 90 Ball Bingo are also played by Europeans, Australians and many South Americans. In case of 90 Ball Bingo, the grid is of the dimension 9x3. However, the grid dimension in case of 75 Ball Bingo is 5x5. If you want to play both types of Bingo then you can find them in almost all online Bingo websites.

In both variations of Bingo, the aim of the player is to get a pre-announced pattern for the marked numbers on the cards in accordance with the calling of Bingo numbers. Speed bingo is nothing but the same, where the frequency of calling the numbers is a lot quicker.

In case of 90 Ball Bingo game, the dimension of the grid in the Bingo card is 9x3, which means there are 9 columns and 3 rows. Each column consists of nine numbers, starting from 1-9 in the first column, 10-19 in the second column and so on to 80-90 in the final column.

The 90 Ball Bingo game is generally played in 3 stages:

One Line – In this stage, you need to mark five numbers in a single horizontal row across the card.

Two Line - In this stage, you need to mark ten numbers across two horizontal rows across the cards.

Full House - In this stage, you need to mark fifteen numbers in an entire card. This stage is the largest prize one may get in a game of Bingo.

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