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Bingo Offers

Bingo offers are very popular among the online Bingo aficionados. The players look for the best Bingo offers across the internet and consequently make their decision of joining a site on the basis of the lucrative offers available.

There are various types of Bingo offers available and they can be categorised into four basic groups, namely, Welcome Bonus, Regular Bonus, Seasonal/Festive bonus offers and Jackpots. More or less, every online Bingo sites offer these promotions to its players. It is very important to note that a player needs to register himself/herself to a particular site to get all the promotional Bingo offers given by that site.

Welcome Bonus

The most popular bonus offers given by almost all the online Bingo sites is known as ‘Welcome Bonus’. This bonus is given by a site to its newly registered players. Welcome Bonus can again be of two types:

a) No deposit Bonus: Free money is given by the site to the players. This bonus offer is considered as the most sought after Bingo offers among the revellers. This money automatically gets credited in the account of a new player once he/she signs-up with the site. The free money offered bya site cannot be withdrawn by the player. He/she has to use that free money to play different games. In this way the player can practice the game of online Bingo and at the same time win prizes without spending any money out of his/her pocket.

b) Deposit Bonus: This type of bonus is also a part of the Welcome Bonus. A newly registered player needs to make a deposit within a certain range to get an additional amount of money that usually varies from 100% to 500% of the deposited amount. This is also regarded as one of the best Bingo offers where you can get double, triple or more on your deposited amount. Welcome bonus can thus offer free money to new players, either through No-deposit bonus or Deposit bonus.


Jackpots are another type of promotional offers that can make you rich within a matter of time. Jackpots can again be categorised into three distinct groups: i) Progressive Jackpots, ii) Coverall Jackpots & iii) Guaranteed Jackpots.

Let us first discuss about Progressive jackpots. This type of jackpot is available for both traditional type of Bingo (90 Ball Bingo) as well as US Bingo (75 ball Bingo). In such a jackpot, a certain number of Bingo calls are mentioned by the site within which the winner has to call Bingo. If a player calls Bingo at or less than the mentioned calls of the site then the concerned person will win the Progressive jackpot

Now, let us explore another jackpot type called Coverall jackpot. This jackpot can also bring fortune to a person and make him/her filthy rich. A sliding scale is attached with this jackpot. As the number of calls made rises, the starting amount of jackpot money gradually falls. Let us suppose that the prize of a Coverall jackpot is one million GBP. As the game of Bingo starts, the number of calls starts to increase. With rise in the number of calls, the amount of jackpot prize starts to decrease.

Another kind of jackpot is available and its called guaranteed jackpot. In this there is no limitation on the total number of calls and thus it will have no effect on the total amount of prize announced in the jackpot.

Festive Bonus or Seasonal Bingo Offers

The seasonal promotional offers are given in certain festivities such as Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day. These are special promotions that help players to get more out of their gaming.

Regular Bingo Offers

This form of offer is given by online Bingo sites on a regular basis. These offers are generally found as Daily, Weekly and Monthly and si given by the sites to allure players to play the games on a regular basis.
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