Free Bingo

Free Bingo is most desirable for the new players of online Bingo because they can start playing free Bingo games without risking their hard earned money. A player is not required to spend money for learning the online Bingo game. A reputed online Bingo site actually offers money to the new player for playing free Bingo games so that the concerned player becomes comfortable with the online Bingo game.

Free Bingo - Advantages

Traditional players of Bingo are vocal against online Bingo games because they say that internet based gaming cannot match the experience of land based Bingo halls. The experience is surely different in case of online Bingo gaming from that of land based Bingo halls, but the experience in the former is not at all lower than that of the later. However, the increasing popularity of online Bingo does not indicate to the lowered experience ofplayers from online free Bingo. In fact, free Bingo has helped smooth transition of players from land based Bingo halls to online Bingo rooms and has consequently made online Bingo so popular.

Some of the significant advantages of Free Bingo include:

1. As a player you can develop your online Bingo gaming techniques and skills by playing free Bingo, right from your home itself. Online Bingo can be played during your leisure hours from your home or office. Free Bingo is offered only by online Bingo websites and not by land based Bingo halls. Thus, a new player can learn the online Bingo game without having to lose money in the process.

2. The environment of online Bingo and offline Bingo are quite different. An old land based Bingo player may find it odd to get accustomed with internet-based Bingo gaming. This is where the importance of free Bingo games can be felt. Such a player can play the free Bingo games and get a feel of online Bingo even before betting money on the same.

3. If you are not fond of Bingo betting but only want to make friends during gaming then free Bingo should be the most preferred option for you because it gives you enough opportunity to chat and banter with fellow players at online Bingo rooms. Thus, a player can socialise with others in the chat rooms available at almost all sorts of good online Bingo websites.

Free Bingo Rules

Rules of free Bingo game are absolutely the same as other available online Bingo games. Free gaming is only an option for players to enjoy their favourite Bingo games (such as 90 Ball or 75 Ball Bingo) without spending money.

A player can select either a single Bingo card or multiple Bingo cards. These cards have certain dimensions (9×3 if the game type is 90 Ball Bingo or 5×5 if the game type is 75 Ball Bingo). Now, numbers are called. If the called number matches with the numbers in the cards then the player needs to mark off those numbers. In case of 75 Ball free Bingo, the player needs to match a pre-announced pattern while in case of 90 Ball free Bingo, the player needs to complete three stages/levels (First Line, Second Line and Full House).

Free Bingo – How Does It Work?

The steps are mentioned below:

1. A player has to register himself with an online Bingo website that offers free Bingo.

2. After signing up, the player will receive free money in the form of Welcome Bonus. Thus free money will automatically be credited to the player’s account. This money can be used by the player to play free Bingo games.

3. This free Bingo money, offered by the site, should be utilised for playing free games only and cannot be withdrawn. In fact, the player cannot club this sign-up bonus with that of other bonuses offered by the website.