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UK online Bingo is the online version of 90 Ball Bingo. It is very popular not only in UK and most parts of Europe but also in Australia and South America. There is another type of popular Bingo game and that is 75 Ball Bingo, which is also known as US Bingo. In this article we are going to discuss about the various facts and information about 90 Ball Bingo or in other words UK online Bingo.

UK online Bingo first started making news in the year 2000. From this year the online Bingo industry in UK got its momentum. However, this industry started skyrocketing towards success from 2006. In fact, most of the operators of online Bingo started to shift their base from US to UK and the main reason behind this is the introduction of UIGEA in US that restricted online gambling transaction. The total number of UK online Bingo websites has risen from a mere 250 to 400 between 2004 and 2010. There is not only a surge in the total number of sites but also in the total number of UK online Bingo players. The total number of players who started playing the games of online Bingo rose by 40% between July 2009 and July 2010. In absolute terms, the total addition of new players of online Bingo within this timeframe was around 3.2 million.

UK online Bingo has also witnessed a demographic change among its players. Bingo was generally thought as the game of older women. However, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of young women taking interest in online Bingo.

UK Online Bingo – How To Play?

The style of playing UK online Bingo is absolutely same as land based 90 Ball Bingo game. Let us start by studying the UK Bingo card of 90 Ball Bingo. The dimension of the concerned card is 9x3, which means that there are nine columns and three rows in the card. Every row contains 5 numbers and thus there are fifteen numbers in the entire UK Bingo card of the dimension 9x3. Now, numbers are called from a pre-recorded list. If the numbers called matches with the numbers in the card of the player, then he/she has to strike of that number from the card. The player who strikes off the numbers and achieves the given pattern in the fastest possible way wins the game.

There are three levels of winning in the game of UK online Bingo: 

i) The first stage is known as “One Line” where the player is required to strike off the five numbers in the first row of the card in the fastest possible way to win.

ii) The second stage is known as “Two Line” where the player is required to strike offthe given numbers in the two rows of the 9x3 card of 90 Ball Bingo. Thus, at this stage a total of ten numbers are required to be marked off by the player in a given pattern to win this level.

iii) The third stage is the final level of the game and is popularly known as “Full House”. Here, the player is required to strike off the called numbers in all the three rows. Hence, a total of fifteen numbers are required to be marked off by the player in a given pattern in the fastest possible way to win the game.

Please also remember that the prizes also vary from one stage to other. The third level attracts the largest prize and the first level the lowest. Full House is the toughest level of all the other levels of the game.

UK Online Bingo – How to Get Started?

Firstly, you have to choose a safe and secured UK online Bingo site to start your gaming. You can choose a good site by going through an unbiased and authentic online review website. After selecting the site you have to get registered with the same and give your basic personal information such as Username, Password, DOB (Date Of Birth) and so on. Now, to get started you have to deposit some money in your account. Many UK online Bingo site offer free money to its new players too. You can deposit or withdraw money from your account through various online banking services such as Neteller, Credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), Paypal, Debit cards, Moneybookers and many more. You can withdraw your winnings and bonuses through the available banking options.
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