Bingo Guide

Bingo is a form of gambling games, most popular in UK and among women, which are usually played in Halls. Now-a-days, Bingo games are also being played over the internet platform and are generally known as online Bingo.

Bingo Games – In Brief

There are many types of Bingo games available such as 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. Generally, in this game the player is required to buy cards that consist of 5 X 5 grids on which 25 numbers are placed in each grid section. Across the top of the grid card, B-I-N-G-O is written and thus the numbers are paired up with the letters. Once the players get the cards in their hand, the caller starts calling out the numbers. If the called number is present in the card of a player then he/she has to mark the space of the letter-number combination. The main aim of a Bingo player is to become the first player to get a pattern of numbers that have been called. The pattern could be vertical, diagonal, horizontal or any other pre-declared pattern.

Bingo History

In the early sixteenth century, the game of Bingo was first established. In Italy, the earliest version of Bingo games was played every week and the name of that game was “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. This concept of Bingo travelled all the way to America’s Atlanta in the early twentieth century and the name of the game was then “Beano”.

Bingo Games – How to Play?

In terms of popularity, there are two types of Bingo games available:

i. 90 Ball Bingo
ii. 75 Ball Bingo

Generally, UK people play 90 Ball Bingo and US people play 75 Ball Bingo. In fact, 90 Ball Bingo are also played by Europeans, Australians and many South Americans. In case of 90 Ball Bingo, the grid is of the dimension 9×3.

Online Bingo Games – A Preview

Bingo games are progressively becoming popular among the masses because of the fact that more people are accessing and playing the game from the comfort of his house through online Bingo.

Online Bingo – Some Special Features & Points

Bingo is an easy game to play. The online version is made easier by the sites by adding exclusive software features. In fact, if you put your Bingo game at auto-daub mode then your play will become lot easier. This feature will help in marking-off the numbers automatically on your cards that are being called. Thus, the players don’t have to mark-off the numbers by themselves when called. Some other features at online Bingo sites for players include “Best Card Highlighting” and “Best Card Sorting”. These software features are provided by the sites so that the players become free to enjoy their chanting and bantering with their fellow players and chat masters/hosts.