Hello friends! Winter is setting in slowly and we are contemplating an extra hour of sleep at the cost of one less hour of daylight. However, to brighten up the mood I have decided to stick to my old faithful, playing online bingo!


Christmas is not too far away either so I was wondering if I could bag some exciting goodies offered by some of the leading online bingo halls. While going through the reviews of the most popular online gaming platforms I stumbled upon an honest Sun Bingo Review and was delighted to know that the site is giving away bunch of goodies up for grabs throughout the month of November!


Some of these goodies like Hot Water Bottle, Socks, Bauble, Bowl and Spoon, Mug, Teddy well and truly tickled my fancy and I cannot wait to head towards the glam event called Erik’s Prize Hours to put my hands on one of those nice goodies!


Since those of you reading this post also go crazy about online bingo just like me it is no surprise that you are also craving for seizing those exciting prizes this month. So, I thought of being a little generous and help you learn about the ways to make the most of this fabulous promotional offer!


Now that I have already mentioned about Erik’s Prize Hours all you need to know is when you can play and what you have to do to claim a prize. Before coming to that, here’s another great thing about this promotion that will add to your delight; yes you guessed it right! It is a free bingo competition which means you can snatch goodies without having to pay for the cards!


The Prize Hour takes place in the evening from 8pm to 9pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and all you need to do is to declare a full house on every game during the hour.


I am going to try my luck this week for sure. What about you??