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Online bingo reviews are the best way to know the features and benefits of any particular website which you are planning to enter. These sites will provide all the details of these websites so that you can be aware of issues which you might face while playing. Reviews ease you up from the hassle of finding of a site that will meet your demand whether you are a first time user, or you want to switch to the new site. Most of the sites offer free access although there is some highly reputed website where you had to make a small amount of deposit in your game account.

Reviews as a Guide  

Online bingo is a very amusing and entertaining game that is mostly played on a particular platform provided by different websites. This is basically online gambling that will offer you prize money as a reward if you win any game. However, people have to make some investment if they are planning to play on premium lobbies that huge amount of prize money.

So as a player you should find the appropriate website which keeps their promises and keeps you away from any fraudulent. Many websites endorse many lucrative promises but at the end, they won’t offer you any of the features. Apart from these some websites will even try to rob some money from you by making fall in their traps. So it becomes critical to find an appropriate site that will be safe for both first timers as well as regular players. In this kind of situation, bingo reviews come into play which solves all these problems.

Reviews act as a guide that helps players to choose the best according to their needs and it mainly helps first timers as they are new to this game. You will find many reputed reviews website that provides an honest appraisal of the different site on the internet that includes features and pros and cons. These reviews even point out the bonuses each site will offer you after the registration.

Top Reviewed Bingo Sites

Reviews pave the way for most of the new players to gain interest in games because it guides them to the right site. It is always hard to judge a new bingo website by its look and as a first timer, you won’t risk in registering in unknown sites. If you go by the reviews, you find many highly acclaimed sites that not only offer different gaming features but a good amount of security. The following list contains name of some top reviews sites:

  • Bingo hall.
  • Bingo for money.
  • Cyber bingo.
  • Bingo Billy.
  • Bingo Fest.
  • South Beach bingo
  • Bingo Sky.


Many pro players use bingo reviews to broaden up their knowledge because it gives an in-depth insight of bingo site which is not visible from outside. All sites are associated with advantage and disadvantage, so it depends on upon the user which site meet their demand. It always recommended for new players to follow reviews from best reviews sites.

First of all, the internet gives a secured environment to play games with ease, at the same time, the online bingo games also offer ultimate benefits over the traditional bingo that help to meet your comfort level



By playing online bingo games most of the people find best benefits, obviously, it is highly convenience. Due to this factor, people successfully adapted to an online version, most of the bingo sites also powered by the Micro gaming and Playtech. With the help of this player also enjoys attractive effects while playing games online. There are different online bingo games available that keep players entertained, moreover players also access fun filled games to get ultimate fun. The online bingo sites are also available for twenty-four hours so you can play games at your comfortable time. You can also check out online bingo review to get clear idea on this.


Huge Discounts And Jackpots:


Even people play the online bingo games for real money. In the recent days, you can find plenty of online casinos and that also offers unlimited free bingo games, so every player has possibilities to take the benefits online bingo games. In order to play your favorite bingo games, you no need to spend much amount of money because some special bonus offers also provided to ensure your comfort zone.


Tutorial section:


The online bingo games also played by all range of players, and the online bingo sites also aimed to support newcomers as well as experienced players by providing unique offers. Most of the bingo sites also offer tutorial section to help the beginners; by the way, players also understand the rules of bingo to play games in the better manner.


Free Bingo Games:


Most of the bingo sites offer free bingo games, so player has chances to unlimited free bingo games. In order to play the bingo games, you no need to have any special skills and knowledge. The online concept is also ensuring comfort level of the player. Playing bingo games online is always beneficial for both new and experienced players. Online bingo games are always entertaining and exciting than the traditional bingo.


Signup Bonuses:


Online bingo sites offer a wide range of cash bonuses which help to attract new players; on the other hand, it is the ideal way to encourage the experienced players. Once you have sing up with the bingo websites you will automatically receive a lot of welcome bonus that also help for multiple purposes, it is the ideal factor for the player to enjoy games without wasting much amount of money. It is the most amazing thing; you can use the free spin as the first deposit.


Unlike the land-based casino, online bingo gaming sites offer progressive jackpots with this you can earn much money from your home itself. Along with this, you can easily access thousands of free games also the bingo sites offer 3D games that help to get different gaming experience. The online bingo games offer great advantages; especially it improves the social habits of the players.


There are numerous bingo websites available that also offer games for free. So consider to play bingo games by choosing best site.

The world of online bingo is ever-changing. By now, you must have come across plenty of themed rooms like Deal or No Deal, Bejeweled Bingo, Last Chance Saloon and many others. However, before deciding on themes most players consider the variation first. Keeping that factor in mind, most gaming operators offer a host of variations. Some of those variations are more commonly found than others.



75 Ball Bingo


This form of bingo is most popular in US. The game is played on a 5×5 grid with B-I-N-G-O letters are spelled on the top. There is also a ‘free’ square in the middle.


90 Ball Bingo


This is the most popular bingo variants in the UK, Europe and in other parts of the world. If you are a UK bingo player chances are high that you have already a game or two of 90 Ball Bingo. The game uses a 9×3 grid which consists of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each of the 3 rows has 5 empty spots and 4 blank spots kept reserved for players’ numbers.


80 Ball Bingo


The game comes right in between the two above-mentioned formats. There is no free space in an 80-ball bingo card and it comes with a 4×4 grid. The game is called ‘80 ball’ as there are 80 probable numbers that match to the 80 random balls.


Depending on the rules of the game, you have several different ways of winning 80 Ball Bingo. You can win by finishing a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line or by completing patterns like 4 corners, multiple lines and blackout. Some gaming portals keep the patterns simple while other sites go for more intricate patterns.


You don’t have to match letters and numbers in this type of game as only the numbers are being called. Each column comes with a specific colour and corresponds to a possible range of numbers:


  • 1st Column: 1-20
  • 2nd Column: 21-40
  • 3rd Column: 41-60
  • 4th Column: 61-80


Depending on the patterns it is a fast-paced game. Even though the game has additional numbers than 75-ball bingo, it is easier to have lines completed as the cards come with a 4×4 grid instead of 5×5. Single line games in particular takes less time to complete while games with blackout pattern take longer to complete.


In a nutshell, these are the rules of playing 80-ball bingo. You will get a hang of the game as you go through the experience of playing this relatively new bingo game. The other rules remain the same as a player you have to mark off your cards while the numbers are called with a hope to become the very first player to complete a pattern or a line. The differences between this type and other types are:


  •  The balls’ number in play
  •  The cards’ setup


Where to Play


Although this game is not available in all reputed online bingo platforms there are a few sites that offer this newly introduced bingo variant. By going through honest bingo sites reviews you can locate those sites along with other details like the cash rewards, terms and conditions associated with the game. This helps new players find the site that comes with most lenient guidelines and most lucrative prizes for winning an 80 Ball Bingo game.


Earlier, this game didn’t become famous like other variations but in recent times the game has become popular among bingo aficionados and gaming are also coming up with promotions for 80-ball games. So, give this game a try and if you succeed you can make a bag full of goodies.