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For online casino players, bingo is just a name to cheer about. Logging onto various bingo sites and browsing through the games is definitely a great fun. It is a dream or a desire of every online casino players to get the real casino feel. Well that no longer remains a mere dream. This is because the bingo sites have extended that to give a real casino ambiance to the players. Indeed it is a great thing on their behalf to let the players enjoy without imposing any rules and regulations. Yet 2016 has been quite a promising year for the players. It has a lot to offer you. It will not only give you amusement, but also a big full of exciting goodies and gifts. Therefore go through the list of the best -earning bingo sites of 2016 are as follows:



Exciting Glossy Bingo;


When listing the names, the first one to strike is the glossy bingo. It gives superb playing exposure to the bingo players. To try your luck you can use the rooms to play games for free of cost. You would like to be on the site as it offers easy registration scheme. The standalone feature is that the site offers a weekend game. This is indeed unique with a lunchtime amount of euro 100. For the first half they provide you an initial bonus of 250%, while 100%, 200% and 300% followed the rest deposits. Aside these, gamblers would get the flavour of poker as well as casino.


Get going with Bet fair:


Bet fair, the most known and popular among the gamblers. Truly it is a fantastic achievement of the Virtue Fusion. They have successfully bagged huge players. It provides an easy registration process. Along with that you will get an initial token amount of euro three as a gift. Compared to other sites, this one has definitely peaked the list. It has a huge number of gamblers ready to hit now and then. As it is designed and programmed by the best software company, therefore opens the door for a wide variety of games. In this context, it is necessary to mention about the House of cards. A wonderful game where you will get a bingo without paying a penny. At the same time, you will get two additional offers in one. Each day you will get an opportunity win up to euro 500.


Exclusive Lucky Cow Bingo:


This site is quite distinguished in terms of its gaming policy. Unlike others, they won’t offer you any kind of bonuses. Instead, you can enjoy the spins on certain slots. Additionally bingo tickets are given without charging any amount. The best thing is that you can play any games for free allotted for seven days. But you have to stick to a particular timing, which is from 12 pm to 2pm. But initially you have to make a minor investment of euro ten. The online bingo reviews tells this site will enable you to get any bingo amount from 5 to 500.


Favorite Dream Bingo:


The site, which is a millions- attention- seeker, is popular for its promotions and gifts. Microsoft gaming has given their best to up the site with incredible games collection. The site offers unique promotions on 29th February. The online bingo reviews says that there gamblers are welcomed into a room called the Day dreamer where you will get a chance to win a jackpot of euro 2900.As it provides a greeting bonus of 500% on the initial deposit. The 400% bonus goes to the bingo while the 100% on the casino.