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Unique Facebook App of Bingo3X21-Mar-2012

Bingo3X is one of the most happening new comers in the online Bingo industry. With alluring promos, it is becoming a rage among the online Bingo aficionados. One of the most recent offers given by Bingo3X is Bonus Booster. This 3-reel slot application is available to the funded players of the Bingo3X website. The players can become a part of the Facebook community of Bingo3X by depositing the minimum amount of money required by the website. If you get this Facebook application of Bingo3X then you can get three spins every day. 

This site is very new in the internet based bingo market. It was launched in the month of February, 2012. The greatest attraction of this website is that the promotions and schemes given by it are simply unique. They are simply unmatched by other sites. To add to the fascination and excitement of the Bingo buffs, the latest in the offers include a Facebook app, called Bonus Booster. The depositing players of Bingo3X can avail this offer. Uniqueness of this application is that other sites don’t offer such new vistas of social networking to their players. Thus, the aficionados get lot of scope to win something more every day. 
This unique and scintillating application is a slot app, where the winning player is required to get a winning combination. The three chances a player gets, gives him or her chance to win anything between 50p to £5. In case, the player gets a unique combination, the player will be able to get an additional chance of spinning. Thus, the additional spin gives more opportunities to a Bingo player of Bingo3X to win more.