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Tombola Bingo 90 is available on mobiles now6-Aug-2012

Tombola Bingo, one of UK�s biggest as well as most popular bingo sites, has finally launched mobile version of its very popular bingo 90 game. Though teasers were being posted on the homepage of Tombola since sometime, it has not been until recently that as soon as their website is being viewed through iPhone, visitors are being automatically redirected to the new mobile version.

The mobile games are similar to games being played on regular site and players are allowed to choose a game of the normal bingo 90 rooms. It is also possible to start chatting with players who are playing on their laptop or desktops. A series of features like sound have been scaled back to some extent and players will not hear the numbers that are being called. However, sounds do greet as soon as oneself is close to winning or has already won the game.

Though the new tombola mobile game has only been tested on an iPhone, it is believed to be available on a range of Smartphones as well as iPad. Thus the war for online bingo mobile space has begun officially.