Uk Bingo

UK Bingo – What Is It?

In the world of Bingo there are two major types of Bingo games, 90 Ball Bingo & 75 Ball Bingo. The former one is most popular pastimes in UK, most parts of Europe, Australia and South America. However, the later one is an American game traditionally. 90 Ball Bingo is generally regarded as UK Bingo

UK Bingo and Its Popularity

UK Bingo is highly popular in UK and is considered as one of the most craved amusements of UK people. The extent of its popularity can be gauged through the total number of operating Bingo clubs in UK. The total number of licensed and operating clubs of Bingo is 699. In these clubs, more than three million people regularly participate at UK Bingo and enjoy themselves. It has also been found that many people are also members of multiple clubs. The licensed UK Bingo operators have paid £233 million in the year 2000 alone. In recent times, UK government has imposed smoking ban in the Bingo halls. According to analysts, this ban is costing UK economy a mammoth amount of £6 billion pounds each year. However, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of online Bingo games across UK. Around 3.2 million new players had started playing online Bingo between July 2009 and July 2010, a jump of 40% within a span of one year.

UK Bingo – A Brief Preview of the Card/Ticket Used

90 Ball UK Bingo is played on a Bingo ticket of 9×3 dimensions, consisting of 9 columns and 3 rows. Thus, a single UK Bingo ticket consists of 90 squares. Every 90 Ball Bingo card contains fifteen numbers in total and each of its line contains five numbers. The numbers that remain at different columns of 90 Ball Bingo card is as follows; Column 1: Numbers from 1 to 9, Column 2: Numbers from 10 to 19, Column 3: Numbers from 20 to 29, Column 4: Numbers from 30 to 39, Column 5: Numbers from 40 to 49, Column 6: Numbers from 50 to 59, Column 7: Numbers from 60 to 69, Column 8: Numbers from 70 to 79, Column 9: Numbers from 80 to 90.

UK Bingo – Different Stages of Play

90 Ball Bingo or UK Bingo is usually played in three stages; One Line – At this stage, a player’s goal is to mark five numbers of a single row across a 90 Ball Bingo card. Two Lines – At this stage, the main aim of a player is to achieve two horizontal rows, i.e. mark ten numbers in two rows of the 90 Ball Bingo card. Full House – This is the ultimate stage of a UK Bingo game, where a player’s objective is to mark all the fifteen numbers of a 90 Ball Bingo card.

The prizes offered at different stages of UK Bingo also vary from one stage to another. The largest prize is given at the Full House stage as this stage is considered as the most difficult stage to achieve.

Some Interesting Information About UK Bingo

In the game of Bingo, it is presided over by a caller. The concerned person is needed to call out numbers. It has been witnessed that callers in a local community almost have a celebrity status. A competition is also organised, which is commonly known as UK Bingo Caller of the Year competition. In this competition, the callers compete with each other to become the best caller of the year.

Online UK Bingo

The latest innovation in case of UK Bingo is the introduction of the online version of Hall Bingo. The online Bingo has become extremely popular among the Bingo aficionados. Not only the mature women but the young ladies are also getting hooked to online Bingo games. In fact, a new trend of the online Bingo is that more and more men are getting attracted to online UK Bingo. UK Bingo online has witnessed a massive surge in its popularity, by nearly 40% between July 2009 and July 2010. In order to infuse a feel of Hall Bingo, the online versions have also introduced chat games that make the games more interactive.